British American Tobacco



BAT hired VERTIKOM to design and coordinate a nationwide sales promotion for a new product launch. The project englobed recruiting 50 full-time sales specialists design a training methodology to guarantee ongoing knowledge transfer, highly complex creation of planning tools to guarantee nationwide representation,  coordination and HR management.

In this project it was extremely important to select highly qualified experts with exceptional communication skills. Intensive training sessions were held to educate our team members about specific product features and challenges. Our specially developed resource planning tool allows for targeting promotion activities for the specific peak hours at the POS for maximum effectiveness. This supported remarkable optimization of the efficiency and success rate of the field sales force.

We utilized our VICI system including GPS tracking to deliver instant and transparent KPI’s. Our Business Intelligence System makes it possible to run individual reports for your instant .


Caroline Duetsch Kubik

Managing Director
T +41 44 575 37 00