TV Commercial

Milka Chocolate Cookie

Previous product depictions in Mondelez's TV commercials had not generated sufficient acceptance or sales results, so the client hired us to find out why.

Because of our extensive experience in food marketing, we know that food advertising must be designed with great subtlety in order to deliver "appetite appeal" for the viewer.  

Viewers have a "cognitive sensor" enabling them to distinguish between fake and real foods shown. Thus to ensure that only positive emotions are generated when watching the TV commercials, we made sure to integrate real products. The elements were recorded in front of a green screen to allow effective integration into the overall CGI composition. 

Our services included supervision of the creative planning work by the creative agency and advising on and monitoring real product and dummy product development. 

The new TV commercials achieved top scores for appetite appeal. Success was reflected in the conversion rate and in sales, among other things. 

Our client adopted our food presentation concept as its new company standard, which will now apply in modified form for the entire Mondelez Biscuits (cookie) category.


Caroline Duetsch Kubik

Managing Partner
T +41 44 575 37 00