TV Commercial


Mondelez launched a new category of Milka chocolate in Russia: Milka Dark Milk Chocolate. The chocolate bar has 45% cocoa content instead of the established 80/20 ratio. 

Mondelez hired VERTIKOM Switzerland to explore how to compellingly present the new product and to what groups. 

In our experience, food productions have to be designed very carefully.  Viewers/consumers have a "cognitive sensor" enabling them to distinguish between fake and real foods shown. Michel Roulier as food director in collaboration with a prominent Parisian chocolatier came up with the perfect combination for bringing such a product to life visually. 

The new TV commercials achieve top scores for appetite appeal. Our client was fully satisfied with the concept implementation and supervision services of VERTIKOM Switzerland. In particular, we succeeded in creating a new universe through the varied use of real products and materials. 

The client adopted our food presentation concept as the new company standard to be applied and adapted across the entire chocolate category.


Caroline Duetsch Kubik

Managing Partner
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