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Social Media


Who ever thinks healthy living is boring has been proven wrong. A healthy lifestyle supports happiness and can be diverse and entertaining. For the online pharmacy Shop Apotheke, our goal is thus to establish the brand as your alley for everyday’s life challenges, helping users to feel good. This is the brand’s premise that sets them apart from competitors.

The job contained the following: magnificently align tonality and imagery for cohesive messaging of highly nuanced topics concerning "health issues". Create a appropriate ad strategy to reach new target groups, build a first-hand community, interacting with the brand. On the German and Austrian Facebook channels of “Shop Apotheke”, the focus was set on healthy and enjoyable everyday life topics, addressing current healthy lifestyles. Part of our strategy is to post 4 motivational and hint driven edits that drive health instead of focussing on disease. The overarching goal is: how can you drive conversion.

The objective of the campaign is to demonstrate that there are different approaches to healthy living, ours is definitely to show the benefits you have while living a healthy lifestyle - you are even allowed to treat yourself every now and then with a little indulgency.


Caroline Duetsch Kubik

Managing Director
T +41 44 575 37 00