TV Commercial

Milka Chocolate Cookie

Previous product representation in Mondelez's TV commercials had not generated the desired acceptance or sales results. VERTIKOM Switzerland GmbH was appointed to find out why and come up with a new solution. 

Because of our extensive experience in food marketing, we know that food advertising must be designed with great exquisiteness and real products in order to deliver the best "appetite appeal" for the viewer.  

Our strong belief is that viewers have "cognitive sensors" enabling them to distinguish between fake and real food shown. Thus, to ensure positive emotions while viewing the TV Tag-ons, we made sure to work exclusively with real organic ingredients. The different food scenes were filmed in front of a green background to allow easy integration into whatever from the client desired background. 

Our services, among other, included support and consult the planning work of the dedicated creative agency, food consultancy and dummy product development. 

The new TV commercials achieved the highest scores for its appetite appeal. Success, among others, was reflected in the conversion rate and in sales. 

Our client adopted our food presentation concept as its new company standard, which will apply in modified form for the entire Mondelez Biscuits (cookie) category.