Facebook Campaign


Our task was to oversee the entire realization process and rollout of the Europe-wide Facebook campaign "Milka – Biscuit Run".  

Working as the client's agent we ensured that all TV commercial shoots went smoothly, from creative planning to post-production. 
The client entrusted us with comprehensive supervision of another business-critical touchpoint. The successful realization of all TVC spots for the year 2017 was among the factors that convinced Mondelez of our superior food expertise. 

A particular objective in this project was to orchestrate and dose the usage of CGI composing so as to put the focus on the product and its appetite appeal. 

As part of supervising the creative planning work of the creative agency, we provided concrete input on the specific implications of the food communications. We planned the integration of real products to enhance the authentic effect of the TVCs. To ensure consistent quality across all food productions, we defined detailed guidelines forming the essential basis for all presentations, among other measures.